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Frequently Asked Questions - Web Design - META Tags
META/HTML Tags & Website Promotion
What is a META/HTML tag?
What do these tags do for me?
What META/HTML tags can I use?
How can I submit my domain to search engines?
Can I have META tags created for me if I don't know how?
Where can I learn more about META/HTML Tags?
Why is manual submission better than an automatic one?
Any tips on making the submission more effective?

META/HTML Tags & Website Promotion
What is a META/HTML tag?
META/HTML tags provide Web search engines with a basic description of the content of your Website, which it will catalog.

What do these tags do for me?
Having your META/HTML tags properly set up and your domain submitted to many search engines MAY increase your website's chance of being listed higher in search engines. Sites with META/HTML tags almost always rank higher than those without.

What META/HTML tags can I use?
There are several meta tags, but the most important for search engine indexing are the description and keywords tags. The description tag returns a description of the page in place of the summary the search engine would ordinarily create. The keywords tag provides keywords for the search engine to associate with your page.

One other meta tag worth mentioning is the robots tag. This lets you specify that a particular page should NOT be indexed by a search engine. To keep spiders out, simply add this text between your header tags on each page you don't want indexed.

Important! Only enter words in your META tags that are appropriate for your Website. Including misleading words may increase the traffic to your site, but it will also increase the number of angry e-mails you will receive. It may also get you blacklisted from some of the search engines.


How can I submit my domain to search engines?
You can manually go to every search engine site and look for "submit site" or "add url" link to go through the process once with every engine. We have links to the most popular search engines on our search engines page in the design section. Or you can use programs that submit sites for you automatically. Try it at It adds your site to 52 search engines. You can also type "submit site" in any search engine, and browse the list of sites that offer this service.

Can I have META tags created for me if I don't know how?
Definitely. There are many sites that would do that for you when you enter the information about your site into the form they provide. Check out, or type "meta tag generator" in any search engine, and you can look through the list of sites that offer this service. Most of them offer it for free.

Where can I learn more about META/HTML Tags & Website Promotion?
For more in-depth information about META/HTML tags and how to promote your Website, check out

Why is manual submission better than an automatic one?
It is important to note that many of the larger search engines and directories do not allow for automatic submissions. Increasingly search engines are becoming more sophisticated and can tell between submissions done with automated software and those done manually. In many cases automatic submissions are given a lower priority resulting in delays or links not being indexed because of backlogs. Another concern is that some submission forms only allow for as few as five keywords while others allow for several dozen. Making manual submissions maximizes the opportunity to submit more accurate information resulting in increased traffic. If it is vital for your web site to succeed, then making manual submissions is the best way to effectively contribute to your success.

Any tips on making the submission more effective?
Open a file and have all the pertinent information in one place. This includes several versions of the title, description and keywords. This is necessary because submission forms allow for different amounts of information.
Instead of typing in the same information repeatedly, copy and paste directly from your information file into the forms.
Another way to submit information is to open the page in a browser and then use the edit function to view the HTML in a basic text editor like Notepad. Copy the information from the meta tags and paste it into the submission forms. The URL can be copied directly from the browser window. This is advised because the link is useless if the URL is incorrect.
Keep accurate records of all your submissions. Include the name of each search engine and when you made your last submission. This comes in handy when making updates, removing links or just trying to find the engines where your site is listed.
Make sure the page title, description, alt tags and meta tags all contain the most important keywords needed for search engines to find your site. Arrange these key words in order of importance so that the most important words will be guaranteed of being accepted.
After you submit once to a search engine, wait for several months before resubmitting. Most of the search engines will list your site if it meets their qualifications but some of them are notoriously slow. Repeated submissions may move your listing down in the order of sites to be indexed or deleted altogether because it is considered to be spam.
To discover which keywords are being used to find your site, put a tracker on each page. Update the meta tags and content of the pages every few months to include the unique words used to find your site. Resubmit to those search engines like Google or Alta Vista that read the information on the web page.
To increase the visibility, submit every page of your site to the search engines. Each page can be given a slightly different title and different meta tags, but also keep in mind most search engines will blacklist you for doing that, so be careful.
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