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Frequently Asked Questions - Web Design
What is HTML?
Do I have to know it to design my site?
Do you offer web design?
Where can I get more information about HTML?
Where can I get more information about web site design?
Can you point me to a good HTML editor?
I created a web site and I want to optimize it for different browsers. Where do I start?
How do I create an image map?
What is an appropriate file size for HTML files?

META/HTML Tags & Website Promotion
What is a META/HTML tag?
What do these tags do for me?
What META/HTML tags can I use?
How can I submit my domain to search engines?
Can I have META tags created for me if I don't know how?
Where can I learn more about META/HTML Tags?
Why is manual submission better than an automatic one?
Any tips on making the submission more effective?

FTP Help
What do I need to do to get my files onto your web server?
How do I login and upload my files with FTP?
How do I use CuteFTP?
      Launching CuteFTP
      Establishing a connection
      Connecting to an Existing Site
      Adding a Site
      Editing a Site
      Removing a Site
      Transfering Files
      Resuming Transfers
      Firewall and Proxy Server Configuration
      Using Paste URL and Clipboard Monitoring
How do I use WS_FTP?
How do I use Fetch for Macintosh?
How do I upload my files using the Netscape Communicator or Netscape
Gold HTML editor?
Where do I put my files?
Will I have unlimited access to update my pages ?
How do I test my links?

What page is loaded when I go to
My site looks good on my hard drive, but after uploading it the images are missing and the links are broken?
How do I fix it if I didn't name the first file index.html?
How do I prevent web surfers from viewing the contents of my subdirectories?
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